Below are some courses being taught by the principal investigator of the group. Syllabus are available and other course materials can be made available upon request.

CLIMATE 401 (EARTH 401). Geophysical Fluid Dynamics  (3 credits, Fall '18)
Dynamics of the oceans and atmosphere. Equations of motion in spherical coordinates, scale analysis and the beta-plane approximation. Balances that arise from scaling: geostrophic, gradient and thermal wind balances. Introduction to the vorticity equation and it’s relevance to geophysical flow. Introduction to geophysical waves. Discussion of the quasi-geostrophic equations of motion and the dynamics of midlatitude flow. Introduction to the large-scale tropical circulation and the weak temperature-gradient approximation.

CLIMATE 411 (EARTH 411). Cloud and Precipitation Processes  (3 credits, Winter '19) Review of the first law of thermodynamics and the vertical momentum equation of motion. Introduction the processes that lead to the formation of cloud droplets and hydrometeors. Discussion of the processes that induce the formation and growth of snow, graupel and hail. Discussion of mesoscale cloud processes: stable cloud topped layers, cumulus clouds, and deep convection.

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